Actively promoting from within the organisation

Tuesday, August 6, 2013
Jayne S joined JobServe as a Data Entry Clerk in 1999.  She immediately showed great skill and enthusiasm, and it wasn't long before she was promoted to the role of Senior Data Processor.

Within just a further 3-months Jayne earned promotion to Assistant Data Processing Manager - and she didn't stop there.  Promotion to Deputy Data Entry Manager followed in 2003.

Continuing at a pace, and with a tenacious eye-for-quality, Jayne became Data Entry Manager in 2005.

With more still to give, Jayne continued to demonstrate her phenomenal value to the business and relentless drive.  This culminated in her rise to the highest level of senior manager, and the role of Quality Control Manager.

There is now only one place for Jayne to rise, so our CEO had better watch his back!

Whilst a great example, Jayne is not unique within the Aspire Media Group.  There are a number of employees who have been with the company for more than 10-years - all of whom have progressed in their careers.

We count ourselves very lucky to have employees like Jayne, and are always seeking more like her.  If you think you could do well within AMG, or are looking for a new challenge, please check out our current job listings.